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I am a land artist.

In the land, I see form and energy. In my work, I try to capture these patterns, which I see as profoundly moving. I have developed a way of working that speaks to these patterns and the process is unique since the elements of nature, are creating the work. 


The process is site-specific: material is laid onto the land while the dye is introduced to create a monoprint from the land. With time and a bit of patience, I watch and wait for the right moment to introduce the dye to the material. The results combine nature’s elements: sun, water, wind, and earth. Nature has created the design, and I am taking the imprint. This work is created with the same gentleness of spirit and kindness that nature gives to us. 


There is a sense of tranquility and impermanence as one interacts with the work. The shapes and materials used are minimal—They create both a balanced complexity and a calming effect.

© 2021 Photo by Doug Jones. 

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